We are

Let us introduce you company eventisimo,
we have years of experience, a strong background,
endless ideas and possibilities.
Where others run out of steam, power and ideas,
we're going on a hundred percent!

And why? We have a stable background, strong leadership, proven suppliers of top-quality service,
and last but not least, we are a great team of young and dynamic people with a wide amount of interests that expand our possibilities and contacts.
We are constantly discovering new places, unforgettable experiences, we meet inspiring people... and all of it we hand over to you... our clients.
Even you're an inspiration for us, because each single request is for us a great challenge and pleasure. And why challenge?
Because we know how to make a unforgetable event for ten employees in a small family complany, as well as an event for thousands of employees in huge corporation.
All tailored to your financial abilities, desires and needs. The dialogue between us is the key to cooperation and to the satisfaction of all.

Our numbers


of satisfied clients


the average age in our team


cups of coffee a day


lines of code for this website


great events done!


kilometers per year


working days per year


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Even more than event


The only impossible way is the one,
you have never take!

Sport tournaments

from tennis and golf to curling

Kitchen of the future

would you like spaghetti flavored with cuba libre ? nothing is impossible :)

Party with an idea

our creativity doesn´t know limits :)


which has a high level, style and also the idea

Beverage packages

alcohol or just soft drinks, according to the amount of your budget of course :)

Each piece is sweet original

your taste buds will never forget

Accompanying program

we can ensur original program for your events, whether it's dance performances, workshops or concerts


Even More Than Event

Administration support

we can help for example with sending invitations, managing microsites, or keep the database of confirmed guests


we have our own database of hostess - www.hostessimo.cz , with more than 10,000 registered

Flower arrangements

beautiful floral decorations are major part of most events


we create stylish decoration an accept your wishes


unexpected sports and other experiences


profi ensuring from the technical background to catering

Beauty corners

to accompany the various events


different kinds and colors

Props and costumes

according to the theme of your event and wishes

Hostess or hostess?

choose from our database www.hostessimo.cz


whether for your events organized by us or your internal


clearness rules the world, so we prepare clear 3d visualization


spare moment during the meeting always scented with the best coffee and sweet surprise

Promotional items

we know more original way than pens and umbrellas


conferences, christmas parties, teambuildings, sports tournaments, concerts, family days, corporate celebrations


we create stylish decoration an accept your wishes

Welcome drink

we set up the right atmosphere immediately after arrival


our team of graphic designers will be happy to prepare proposals for invitations, flyers, diplomas, timesheets, as well as billboards and other advertising media

Professional staff

uniform in accordance with the concept; smile and the willingness already included :)


as art, but also as an unusual workshop for your events or special make up for hostesses

Christmas parties

tailored to the client, with attention to detail and satisfaction of all guests


from opera to classic and rock - with both czech or foreign artists


in our database, you can also find male promoters for your events - more on www.hostessimo.cz


unusual experience for you and your colleagues


Even more than service


And do you ask what all we can do for you?
For several years our portfolio includes following:

According to a translation of the english - an event or experience. We choose the third way, the event with an experience!


1. Because right now, we have caught your attention.
2. Because right now, we have made you smile.
3. Because right now, we have made you smile again, about how we caught you red-handed.
4. Because the next time you are going to look for an event agency, you will remember us.
5. Because when we do an event for you, even your employees will remember it and you will not want another agency.
6. Because afterwards, you will be our regular customer and we spoil those.

Even more than photos


Nothing will be such,
as ever, but all can be such,
like never before.

MetLife – Ocenění nejlepších obchodníků

za rok 2015 – duben 2016

MetLife - Setkání nad Prahou

červen 2015


Firemní veletrh – červen 2016

GE Money Bank - Family day

Praha - září 2015

GE Money Bank - Family day

Dolní Morava - září 2015

Do školních lavic s PRE energií

OC CHODOV - září 2015

Conseq - teambuilding

Český Krumlov – srpen 2016

Alfa Romeo – testovací jízdy

říjen 2016

Conseq / Partners – teambuilding

Conseq / Partners – teambuilding

20. výročí společnosti Conseq

Žofín - září 2014

20. výročí společnosti Conseq

Žofín - září 2014

Prodlužme si prázdniny

s energií od PRE


Teambulding ve stylu zdravého životního stylu a vitality

Allianz Svět Tima Burtona

Oficiální večírek v rámci KVIFF 2014

Allianz Pro Golf Cup

Golf Club Loreta Pyšely

PRE střelnice


Long Service Award

GE Money Bank 2014

Allianz konference

Kmenové obchodní služby 2014

Allianz VIP Club 2013

meeting of the best Allianz traders

Allianz CEEMA 2013 CEO Conference

international conference of Allianz CEOs

Allianz Golf Tournament II.

Golf Park Slapy Sv. Jan - 2013

Allianz Golf Tournament I.

Golf Resort Konopiště - 2013

Lancia Ypsilon - introduction of a new car

VK Slavia - 2012

Mladá Fronta - Sinful innocence

Slovanský dům - 2011

Allianz golfový tournament III.

Golf Park Slapy Sv. Jan - 2013

Mladá fronta - Brazilian night

Barrandov film studios - 2009

Fernando Alonso - meeting with top ING traders

ING headquarters - 2009

Allianz CITY - conference - business services

Hotel Clarion Praha - 2012

Lancia Ypsilon - presentation of the new car

VK Slavie - 2011

FERNANDO ALONSO - Children's conference

Motol hospital - 2009

Mladá fronta - Music Heaven

Průmyslový palác - 2010

ING Conference - World 2010

Hotel Clarion Praha - 2010

ING Conference - Reason to meet

Hotel Clarion Praha - 2011

GE Money Bank TECHAGRO fair

Brno 2010

Video shot Sedmička

production of video


presentation evening 2010

Animation of eventisimo logos

little example of what we can arrange

GE Money Bank - how to rule the car in every situation

event for private bankers and TOP clients

GE Money Bank

evening for VIP clients


Teambuilding Tankodrom

Mladá fronta

Sinful innocence


Matricium - product presentation

Allianz VIP club 2012

Budha Hotel


sport and games


press conference



GE Money Bank

Tech Agro fair

GE Money Bank - Curling tournament

event for VIP customers of GE Money Bank

Sedmička Roadshow

throughout the country


in Bohemia - ING press conference

ING Teambuilding


ING culinaria



examples of graphic designs created in 2013

Even more than clients


Even more than words


marketing vocabulary

Event marketing
This type of marketing is using different forms of social events, with the aim of deepening relations with business partners, employees or clients, in a form of unusual experience.
An event organized by the ordering company and realized mostly by the internal department or external agency, with the aim of deepening relations with business partners, employees or clients, in a form of unusual experience. Amongst the most common types of events belong teambuilding events, Christmas parties, annual conferences, family days, or press conferences and various celebrations.
Event Agency
A company, which occupies itself with realizing various events. Companies, but natural persons as well, are demanding the realization of turn-key events, that is ensuring all, from creative ideas, locations, technology, catering, personal, accompanying program and presents, to transporting the last guest home.
The word catering means supplement, or provision of food, but commonly this term in event marketing is strictly used in the meaning of providing refreshments and its delivery on time and place, in the beforehand agreed extent and composition.
The final budget, reserved by the ordering party for the planned event. This budget is presented within the documentation entry to the event organizer.
Guerilla marketing
A type of marketing campaign, which is used not even due to the lack of finances, but also applied by companies with strong capital, who want to surprise, shock, or just attract by an unconventional way: the marketing dictionary says, that this campaign should be – unexpected, drastic, humorous, short-termed, cheap and with good-will.
Agency fee
A percentage of the whole financial value of the event, which belongs to the event organizer, thus the external agency for its work. The percentage may vary from client to client, depending on agreement, number of realized events and good long-term relationship, etc.
Location scouting
Employees of the event agency, based on the entered number of persons and the type of event, are choosing, visiting and reserving the most suitable places for holding the event.
A type of company meeting, where the employees are coming up with creative ideas and suggestions. Due to the intentional disarray and control-absent meeting it is possible to come up even with things that could never come to anyone’s mind if it was a coordinated course of thoughts. At the same time, it is necessary to write everything down often, because it is about spontaneous thoughts, which can be hardly repeatable under given circumstances.
Client briefing
Information, which are sent by the ordering party to the event agency at the beginning. Briefing is most often containing information about the character of the event, preliminary date and time, approximate geographical place of holding, number of persons and budget.
In most cases teambuilding is a company event, with the aim of bringing the working collective closer together, but the recognition of weaknesses and strengths of individual employees as well, with the use of those information in the working process afterwards. From the event agency point of view, it is most often about outdoor adrenalin action, or a day full of fun and games, designed considering the companies occupation, or the age and gender of the participants.

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Invoice address:
eventisimo s.r.o.
Nad Zámečkem 377/56
Praha 5 Košíře

IČO: 28545630
DIČ: CZ28545630

registered in OR MS in Prague, part c, number 149325

Account number: 4087231001/5500
IBAN: CZ3355000000004087231001

eventisimo s.r.o.
Staropacká 896
Praha 9 190 12

Link to map here

Karel Šulc: 777 242 493 karel@eventisimo.cz
Managing Director

Tereza Šulcová: 773 906 226 tereza@eventisimo.cz
Event & Hostess Manager

Lenka Šátková: 604 161 548 lenka@eventisimo.cz
Senior Event Manager

Vít Bouše: 602 514 426 vitek@eventisimo.cz
Event Assistant

Anna-Marie Neduhová: anna@eventisimo.cz